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Consent supplementary GDPR agreement

The Training Portal contains information about you and your training skills and history of completed training's. Your personal details such as name, email and dealer number are retrieved from DID.

In order for you to carry out your duties and possess the right skills, you need to approve that we collect information about you and your training in the Training Portal. This agreement complements Kia Motors Sweden's main agreement for GDPR.

In order for the training administration for you and for Kia Motors Sweden to work as smoothly as possible, this includes bookings and registrations for traininig. Hotel reservations, possible allergies. Participant lists for trainers, both internally and hired coaches and lecturers, also, in some cases, we share your email address with your classmates.
Some photography occurs but is used only internally within the dealer network and you will be asked before any photography and / or publishing takes place.

For any questions about consent, contact utbildning@kia.se

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